Walt’s Weenies

Walt designed the layout of Disneyland, which also then defined the Magic Kingdom in Florida. His use of the “weenie” has the purpose of drawing you from attraction to attraction. It is a great design, but you still should navigate with your intellect fully engaged! Walt’s strategy of putting an attractive ride or enticing entertainment at the end of each path, is what he called Continue reading

Sweet Treats

Parks are all about recreation. There are other forms of special fun beyond the rides. Thrills are also available in the form of the special confections. When we first mentioned this decadent treat, it got a lot of attention. A Sweet Spot to Visit Most parks have at least one candy and fudge shop. At Kings Island, there are a few, but in particular on Continue reading

Which Resort?

With so many resorts, you can’t help but feel like you’re trying to choose among the 31 flavors. Some families work their way up the price options over the years. What resort is your favorite? I have a lot of experience visiting the Walt Disney World resort. I’ve been coming to the park from Ohio, about once a year since the 1970s. When I was Continue reading

Different Ideas for Winning

Amusement parks provide a wide range of fun for people of different ages and interests. The first step toward providing a fun and satisfying visit for all is to carefully consider the interests of each person. Kings Island Park Hacks launched its first edition in December 2016. We share strategies that help families enjoy better visits to amusement parks. You’re invited to participate in the Continue reading

The Benefits of Friendship

Special thanks to my brother-in-law Todd for providing the first audience-submitted park hack! Here is what he sent: Hack = Friends. I have a friend who works at P&G who could get me a really good price on a season pass. Then you and Andrew have given me access to deals that season pass holders have for their friends. So, for me, a good hack Continue reading