Sweet Treats

Turtle Apple

Parks are all about recreation. There are other forms of special fun beyond the rides. Thrills are also available in the form of the special confections. When we first mentioned this decadent treat, it got a lot of attention.

A Sweet Spot to Visit

Most parks have at least one candy and fudge shop. At Kings Island, there are a few, but in particular on International Street, near the side street to Boo Blasters and Planet Snoopy is The Sweet Spot. They offer a wide variety of candy and other sweet confections. In her original post on the topic, Krystal pointed out these Turtle apples. The apples are large and perfectly chilled. The traditional apples have thick, a gooey caramel coating.

The staff at the Sweet Spot are happy to cut up the treats for you. The Sweet Spot associates chop it into a nice array of large and small wedges. So if ~$8 (picture shows 2017 price) and 500+ calories are too much for one person, a treat like this can be a nice treat for a small group.

Thanks to Krystal for sharing this. These are now on my bucket list each season! Different parks and even various themed zones offer their own special treats like delicious funnel cakes. There are also standard items you can find in most amusement parks like fudge, saltwater taffy, and popcorn. Sometimes picky eaters can make a meal out of a bucket of popcorn.

What’s on your bucket list for this season? Any items that aren’t rides?