Play a Brady Bunch Challenge

Brady Bunch at Kings Island

Challenge your friends to play a Brady Bunch Challenge. Kings Island enjoys a rich history. They filmed a Partridge Family episode there, but more famous is The Brady Bunch episode “The Cincinnati Kids“.

Watch the episode and then identify the locations that still exist. Many remain almost unchanged.

Stand in the right spot and reenact the scene for a photo. Extra bonus points if you dress in retro fashion. Even the cast has returned to commemorate the episode.

Suggested locations for the challenge:

  • The football game on Coney Mall where Greg flirts with Marge
  • Food stands visited by Bobby and Cindy
  • Outside the Octoberfest BierGarten area with table service waiters and waitresses. (Thanks to John, in the comments, for correcting me about what I thought was the area between Festhaus and Viking Fury.)
  • The Brady girls and Carol Brady rode the log flume currently called Race For Your Life Charlie Brown.
  • The Racer roller coaster. Nearly the whole family rode.
It is the Octoberfest BierGarten!

Discover challenges in other parks

Many amusement parks have been settings for tv shows and movies. You can play variations of the Brady Bunch Challenge at any park.

Photo source: I borrowed the tiny BierGarten reference from this cool collection of historical Kings Island photos on the WCPO site.

2 thoughts on “Play a Brady Bunch Challenge

  1. I hate to be “that guy”, but Festhaus was not built in 1973. I think the outdoor area with table service is where the Biergarten is behind Hanks.

    1. Thanks, John for that. Now I have a great excuse to pull out my DVD of The Cincinnati Kids episode and consider it wasn’t the exact area I thought it was. It looked just like that area between Festhaus and Viking Fury. I will reword that one item as soon as I get to it.

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