Different Ideas for Winning

Different Ideas for Winning

Amusement parks provide a wide range of fun for people of different ages and interests. The first step toward providing a fun and satisfying visit for all is to carefully consider the interests of each person.

Kings Island Park Hacks launched its first edition in December 2016. We share strategies that help families enjoy better visits to amusement parks. You’re invited to participate in the process. It helps everyone when different people share the awesome tips they’ve discovered!

What do you want?

Think about what is important to you? One family might ride the three or four most intense rides in the park, waiting 30-40 minutes to get on each one and leave satisfied. To another family, that might sound awful. Watching the stage shows, riding the train and cooling off during the afternoon at the waterpark might be more their cup of tea.

What do others in your group or family want?

Take an inventory of the desires among your group. If you have a mix of small children and teenagers, separating into smaller groups to focus on different attractions, may help keep more people happy.

Thrill-seekers and the young ones can focus on their interests separately for a portion of the day. Then you can come back together at a pre-arranged time for a meal or a more universal attraction. While you’re together, see if your guardians need a swap. For example, if mom and dad both like thrill rides, let mom ride a few while dad takes the little ones. Then switch. Have everyone make a list of their favorites or priorities.

In the early afternoon, the younger ones may need a little additional rest time. This can be another consideration on when the group temporarily divides. Use quieter or more generally-appealing attractions like taking in the show. Plan ahead and take turns, so everyone gets to have a great day at the park.

Photo credit: StartupStockPhotos from Pixabay