Change Activities


Kings Island is two parks in one, the main amusement park, and the Soak City water park. When you buy a ticket, you get admission to both! If you plan to spend a full long day, consider splitting the day into parts. Strategically change activities for rest, a chance to cool off, or just to focus on something different. After a break like that, you can return later, feeling refreshed.

To keep your options open, come to the park prepared. You should bring swimwear, flip-flops, beach towels, and sunscreen. If you have small children, they are required to wear flotation devices. The modern puddle jumper style of floatation devices are a lot more comfortable. Kids will be more willing to wear these fun updates to traditional life vests. Don’t drag all that stuff through the park. Keep it in the car until you need it.

Activities External to the Park

Other local attractions may interest you and provide a break. Getting away for an hour or two isn’t wasting your fun. For instance, you could head to a nearby mall. For visitors to Kings Island, IKEA is only fifteen minutes away in West Chester.

Krystal offers this suggestion: Southwest Golf Ranch, is near Kings Island, just off US 42 going into Lebanon. Putt-Putt golf ($7 for adults $5 for children) you can play as many rounds as you want! It is a nice off the property activity.

Most parks offer wi-fi. In other words, bring a Kindle or tablet for an easy break. Kids can play a game in the shade. Or you can update your social media by the fountain. If the car isn’t too hot, you can just roll down the windows and take a nap. Bring a cooler and a card table for a cheap snack and a board game break. You can also take this time to charge your phone while you plan the rest of the day.

Photo credit: water park Attribution 2.0 Generic.