Park Hacks

Park Hacks is a book series and a community whose purpose is to help families improve their experience at various parks around the country and the world. Many hacks are submitted by the community, which makes the collection of tips more valuable for more people.

If you'd like to share a hack, you're welcome to use the Share-a-Hack form on any of the sites. Just please be specific about which park(s) your tip or hack applies.

Amusement Park Hacks

At first glance, one might suspect that this is just the same as Kings Island Park Hacks, but with Kings Island stuff removed. That's not the way Amusement Park Hacks is being created. Certainly, things learned during the writing of the first book, and the growing of the community has taught me some lessons that will influence this new book and community. However, this new book was started from an outline that was more organized.

Another great addition to this new book is my co-author Krystal. She is a long-time amusement park enthusiast. She is a young mom in her 20s with two young boys. Her hacks and tips are also valuable but take a different perspective than those of this dad in his 40s. The hacks and discussion produced by these two view points will better serve the readers!

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Kings Island Park Hacks

Amusement parks don't come with instruction manuals. This first book in the Park Hacks series was best begun focused on the park that I visit most often, the Kings Island amusement park in Mason, Ohio. Kings Island Park Hacks is collection of tips and behavior hacks that ensure that you get the most fun out of your visit to Kings Island.

The Kindle eBook version was released in December 2016. The paperback was released in February 2017. The audiobook version will be available soon. During the 2017 season, you can follow the new content and Park Hacker submissions on Facebook or Twitter to learn about meet-ups and other fun going on among the Kings Island Park Hackers!

Kings Island
Park Hacks

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Walt Disney World
Park Hacks
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Walt Disney World Park Hacks

My family has been visiting Walt Disney World in Florida all my life. Being the oldest of six kids, I enjoyed playing the role of park expert and tour guide. That is likely the inspiration of this entire series of Park Hacks books. I pored over the Steve Birnbaum guide books and learned everything I could. In later years, I've had friends and family ask for tips as they planned their first family trips to the enormous resort. I'd type up a list of notes to help them plan a strategy that worked for them. The development and conversation for Walt Disney World Park Hacks has finally begun. It will be developed over the next few months as collection of tips and behavior hacks that will help ensure you best visit to Walt Disney World.

The Walt Disney World resort is far too large and changes too frequently for this one guy's tips to be sufficient. That's why you are invited to share from your own experiences. If you have a tip or strategy to share with the community of fans, please submit it on our Share a Hack form!

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Zoo Park Hacks

This Park Hacks book is focused on America's zoos! Zoo Park Hacks is collection of tips and behavior hacks that ensure that you get the most enjoyment out of your zoo visits. Many people visit their local zoos and act like everyone else. They spend a few hours, shuffling along, doing their best to look at every exhibit. There are other ways! Artists, docents and other enthusiasts know that you can develop a much deeper understanding and familiarity by spending more time in one spot, concentrating on a smaller selection of animals. That's just one way that you can get more out of the zoo expereince.

We, the Park Hackers, invite you to jump in and share from your special experiences and appreciation for the wonderful animals and experiences that you've learned by visiting your favorite zoo! They can be general tips, or specific.

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Park Hacks
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